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Autonomous ROBOT

Project Description

Initially, this project was inspired by Tesla with their autonomous
cars. I didn’t want to just make a car with no use; therefore, I added
the use of delivering objects from one room to another with inbuild
paths. The model will have sensors around it to detect the distance
between it and an obstacle, then the program will decide whether to
change direction or not.

How the project will be build

First, I will buy all of the electrical components, preferably from Malta so I can
start working immediately. After some research I found Fabian
(, it seems this store has everything I need.
Once I bought the components, I will proceed to test all of the components to
get familiar with the circuit needed for a specific component and how they
After I am confident that everything will work out, I will proceed to build a light
wooden case where all of the electrical components will be attached to.
Once the case is built, it is time to attach the motors and test if the motors can
carry that weight, I will proceed to add all of the other electrical components,
carefully attaching them to the breadboard being careful not to burn
Then I will program all of the components and test them one by one.
Finally, I will test all of the components simultaneously and debug any bugs;
and I will add the mobile notification and test if it works.



Basic Kit


Light Sensor


Ultrasonic Sensor

Motor and L298N Drive

I/O & Display


Ultrasonic Sensor – To measure the distance between the robot and an obstacle.

Infrared Sensor – To follow the line on the ground.

DayLight Sensor – To know if it it day or night.


L298N & Motor – For the actual robot to move.


LEDs – For the robot to light up when it is dark and/or when the robot is reversing.